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Kayak Fishing on the Outer Banks

Two activities that let one relax on the many peaceful waterways that we are fortunate enough to have nearby. Charter boats however, can be expensive, the flats to shallow for large motors, and fishing from a bridge or pier can be crowded and limits the area you can cover. This is where kayakers have the advantage. In a kayak you can go where the fish are and the people aren't, and if the fish happen not to be biting that day then you can put away your rod and enjoy a leisurely paddle in the beautiful Outer Banks.

Kayak fishing has become very popular all around the world recently. There are kayaks designed specifically for fishing, with rod holders galore, anchors, live wells, and anything else one might need to catch their prey. People have gone so far as to rig battery operated fish finders, live wells, and yes even trolling motors to their kayaks. There are also competitions on the East, West, and Gulf coasts to see who can reel the biggest fish in to their kayak.

Here on the Outer Banks, kayak fishing can be done all year, but late fall when the stripers, or rockfish as the locals call them, are running is when most anglers are on the water. Dawning wetsuits, they venture through the breaking waves to the open ocean, while surf fishermen look on with envy from the beach. Catching a 35lb. fish from a charter boat is one thing, but wearing that fish down and landing him on the deck of your kayak is quite a thrill.

If you aren't quite that adventurous, then maybe the shallow, protected waters of the sounds on the Outer Banks are more your speed. Many anglers prefer chasing the various species of fish such as red drum (locally known as puppy drum) along the flats and edges of the bountiful salt marsh and estuaries indigenous to the Outer Banks. Awe inspiring sunsets and abundant wildlife also add to the tranquility of fishing in these waters. Whether you prefer fishing a particular hole or trolling along the bridge pilings there are plenty of ways to experience the joys of fishing from your kayak on the Outer Banks.

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